Captivate Job Support

Captivate Job Support

Introduction to Captivate Job Support:

What is captivate job support? When do you use it? The best way to use describe is think about Powerpoint on steroids, major steroids its very similar look and feel to power point. Not much harder to develop in very similar look and feel.The advantage of captivate is it does all kinds of things the powerpoint does it, very cool piece of software so when would we use it really anytime that you are going to develop some kind of computer-based training.Virtual Job Support is rich in providing Adobe Captivate online Job Support and corporate training by industry experts.

Overview of Captivate Job Support:

  • You might need some more advanced interactions than Powerpoint offers like games that are embedded you know power point doesn’t do a great job of embedded things into it. So you know I can embed a video  in a powerpoint and then I played on the next computer and sometimes it doesn’t work with captivate you can solve all of those issues.Our consultants are highly skilled at Captivate Job Support.
  •  You can also publish it to a lot of different formats like HTML5 so that it plays everywhere and you can make responsive projects which means that it will work on my desktop my mobile device and tablet and I can make it look nice on each of those.We also provide certifications for Captivate on job Support by real time experts.
  • Adobe Captivate online Job Support at VJS-You have probably visited websites that are responsive and just haven’t realized that’s the terminology and one of the new cool features is that you can do virtual reality.We provide best on job support and corporate training for Captivate job support.
Features of Captivate Job Support:
  • Captivate Job Support at VJS-Lets  get into captivate, you have a blank project, think of a blank powerpoint presentation. We have software simulation  where we walk through a piece of software click by click, we have a video demo which is basically like creating a video ,capturing what you are doing.Virtual Job Support provides Captivate Job Support from India.We also provide training for Captivate Job Support.
  • One think I have noticed about the Adobe captivate video demo is it’s not playing friendly with 4k monitors in that We cant even record the video demo if I am on a 4k monitor I have to lower and change some settings and so I think that’s an issue they really need to work on and then you can import other files like PowerPoint. We are rich in providing Adobe Captivate online Job Support by senior consultants.
  • So those are kind of options when I start I am just going to click responsive project I think that’s gonna be the basic default for most people when they start. Even if you are doing like a software simulation you can do that and click responsive projects and then create something like a software simulation where I can click.We provide project support for Captivate Job Support by industry experts.
  • Adobe Captivate online Job Support at VJS-I can start with blank project and then do a software simulation, so I am going to click responsive project for right now, what that’s going to do is on my screen it’s now going to look very similar to PowerPoint. I am going to see a big blank slide in the middle and then I am going to see all my slides to the left just like powerpoint in Captivate Job Support.
Basics of Captivate Job Support:
  • I am going to go through and talk about some of the basics of captivate right now. So first at the top we have our basic menu with like our file save as export in those kind of settings like help and things of that nature.We are good in providing project support for Captivate Job Support at flexible timings.
  • So then under that very similar to power point we have our slides and this is where we can insert slides just like PowerPoint I can insert a new slide. However, in Captivate you have a bunch of different options like I can insert just a blank slide I can also insert two different kinds of quiz slides. One is called a question slide and other is a knowledge check slide. The difference is questions slide or quiz is made for really recording information like so at the end, I can show the users a score, I can attach that score to an LMS or an internal server versus the knowledge check which is really just on the slide itself, they both look the same but the knowledge check really allows you to just let the users make sure they are doing okay.
  • So think computer based training video based training software demos things of that nature where you need some basic interactions you might need to track it on LMS like report scores you might need to develop something compliant that works well and is friendly with an LMS.

Conclusion of Captivate Job Support:

  • Captivate Job Support at VJS-Captivate job support at Virtual job support provides project support from India with excellent consultant. They address your complete issues that you face periodically. We have wide-spread services across India, USA, Australia & other countries, assisting software employed people to excel in their jobs when they have an onset of a worsening condition.
  • It’s there that you are not capturing or recording that score, you are creating the quiz to do that then we have we can create as I said you can add that software simulation if you would like to and then we can add video demo or they let me add a virtual reality slide which is kind of cool or even just a 360 camera where you can you know move the image around like if any of you have been looking at real  or other things.
  • We can choose our themes just like Power point then we have a new thing a fluid box which allows you to adjust the size of the screen based on what you are looking at. We have our text where we can enter in actual text or we can have text input box where users entering something.
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