Business Analytics With R



Introduction to Business Analytics with R 

Business Analytics with R job support will help in Exploratory Data Analysis, R Programming, Data Manipulation, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Regression, and Sentiment Analysis. It is using R Studio for real life case studies on Retail, Social Media. This Business Analytics introduces to some of the important keywords in R like Business Intelligence, Data & Information, and Business Analytics. How R can play an important role in solving complex analytical problems.  What R is and how it is used by the giants like Google, Face book, Bank of America, etc. Also, helps compare R with other software in analytics, use of ‘R’ in the industry, install R and its packages.

Overview of Business Analytics with R Job Support

Business Analytics with R job support with Business Analytics organizations is increasingly trying to gain insights from volumes of structured & unstructured data to identify new market opportunities for their products & services. Business Analytics with R job support with Business analytics is at the core of decision making which can give organizations an edge over the competition. R is particularly useful in data Analytics because it contains a number of built-in mechanisms for organizing data, running calculations on the information and creating graphical representations of data sets. This has created significant opportunities for professionals in the field of analytics. KPMG in India’s Business Analytics using R is a five-day instructor led practical course designed to equip professionals from various backgrounds such as economics, statistics, analytics, marketing, finance, IT, marketing research and etc., with the fundamentals of analytics. The basics of R programming like data types and functions. We present a scenario and let you think about the options to resolve it, such as which data type should one to store the variable or which R function that can help you in this scenario. Data Analytics about the versatility and robustness of R which can take-up data in a variety of formats be it from a CVS file to the data scraped from a website.

Business Analytics With R Courses

Data Science Certification Training – R

Advanced Business Analytics with R

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