Business Analyst

Introduction to Business Analyst

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Overview of Business Analyst Job Support

Business Analyst Job Support -Requirements have always been a  concern in project management. The focus and importance of requirements work have continued to gain more attention in the industry as the organisations began to recognise how to use business analysis to the competitive advantage. There is an increasing demand for practitioners with the required business analysis skills.Virtual Job Support offers best Business Analyst Job Support by best trainers.

Business analysis involves effort on variety of domains from identifying business needs to solution implementation. Business Analyst is a person who performs business analysis tasks in the context of programs and projects common .

Business analyst must have the knowledge necessary to be effective in their execution .He must understand the  impacts of actions ,envision , alternate solutions anticipate change and know how to substantiate proposed solutions.

Business Analyst JOb Support – There are fundamentally 3 different levels of business analysis

  1. Strategic Business analysis: It encompasses the analysis of existing organisational structure, policies , politics to build a business case for a change.
  2. Tactical Business analysis :It is at the  project or initiative level to flush out the details of the proposed solution and to ensure that it meets the needs of the business community.
  3. Operational Business analysis: It works on specific business applications. They will identify how to manage the application parameters  to meet evolving.
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