Introduction to ASP.NET HTML Server

The unique id attribute allows you to programmatically reference the control. Attributes are used to declare property arguments and event bindings on server control instances. HTML server controls must reside within a containing <form> tag with the runat server attribute.

ASP.NET HTML Server Job Support

The HTML server controls are basically the standard HTML controls enhanced to enable server side processing. The HTML controls such as the header tags, anchor tags, and input elements are not processed by the server but are sent to the browser for display. They are specifically converted to a server control by adding the attribute runat=”server” and adding an id attribute to make them available for server-side processing.

By default, HTML elements within an ASP.NET file are treated as literal text and are programmatically inaccessible to page developers. To make these elements programmatically accessible, you can indicate that an HTML element should be parsed and treated as a server control by adding a runat=server attribute.


ASP.NET does not require literal HTML content to be well formed, but it does require that all HTML elements be properly closed  and cleanly nested . If HTML elements are not closed properly, ASP.NET will not recognize the element. The element will either be ignored or a compilation error will occur, depending on how the element is formed.

You can create an instance of any Web Forms control in three distinct ways: as an element in an HTML document, in a Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment that allows you to drag controls onto a page, or programmatically in a code declaration block or code-behind file.

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