ArcSight Job Support

Introduction to ArcSight job support

ArcSight job support provide service for Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) of HPE which is one of the premiere components of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) which tackle cyber threats in real time by using powerful, scalable, and efficient SIEM security software. The HP ArcSight Security Intelligence platform helps safeguard your business by giving you complete visibility into activity across the infrastructure including external threats such as malware and hackers, internal threats such as data breaches and fraud. ArcSight is the Security Event Manager that analyzes and correlates every event in order to help you with security event monitoring, from compliance and risk management to security intelligence and operations.

HPE ArcSight ESM contains features:

  • Ingestion and interpretation of logs
  • security alerting, real time correlation and analytics
  • data presentation through dashboards and  reporting.

ArcSight job support helps for an enterprise class SIEM system that can gather data from more than 350 sources and process up to 75000 security events per second. It provides integration capabilities with several machine learning and intelligence platforms. ArcSight has the most powerful correlation engine in the industry, which can perform correlations at the scale that the modern security-focused enterprise company and organization demands. It provides integration capabilities with several machine learning and intelligence platforms.

Why ArcSight?

ArcSight ESM is designed to help customers identify and prioritize security threats, organize and track incident response activities, and simplify audit and compliance activities. ArcSight provides the best ability to create use cases quickly, easily and effectively. It collects the data and correlate events in real time in seconds to escalate threats that violate the internal rules of the platform. ArcSight job support utilizes agents which are known as ArcSight Connectors or software  applications or an appliance, that collect data from a source and load into ArcSight ESM. Currently it supports more than 300 connectors for various types of data models and sources in order to correlate data and process on security events.

Overview about ArcSight job support:

ArcSight job support provides you with the knowledge required to use advanced HP ArcSight ESM content to find and, perform actions.If you are a fresher or a professional and looking a job support for ArcSight then you have to contact us then our team will analyze your critical situation and provide guidance to overcome through that problem.

We understands these needs and provides a good technical team of consultants who are expertise in delivering the ArcSight job support by helping the Freshers, Professionals, Aspirants and various students in the areas of requirements. We are sure that we provide a platform to the freshers as well as the professionals to resolve their current technical problems phasing in their jobs.

Our Virtual Job Support team will be available for 24/7 and will resolve any issues related to the specialized field. This is the right place and we are here to provide you best and quality job support for ArcSight.

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