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Apache ActiveMQ job support

Introduction of Apache ActiveMQ job support:

Virtual job support is a premier job support provider firm. We also provide support services for ActiveMQ job support. Apache ActiveMQ job support is an open source messaging platform written in Java, so it was a starter as in 2005 in ten college does football team 2006.so ActiveMQ supports some protocol like JMS and there are more protocols which are supported by ActiveMQ job support. It provides Enterprise Features, which in the case means fostering the communication from more than one client include Java via JMS 1.1 as well as several other cross language clients. The communication is managed with features. It is the connecting of applications everywhere, top level Apache ActiveMQ job support project its been there for about seven years it was actually founded in 2004 in cloud has its now got some 40 developers in 11 who worked currently working Red Hat.

Overview of Apache ActiveMQ job support:

Apache ActiveMQ job support is open source messaging project with Apache 2.0, ActiveMQ just going to explain some messaging basics for messaging the concepts of a message channel is a route in which you seed parcels of information those pieces of information are contained in the message and those message are passed down.  message channels and in JMS Pollans a destination is equivalent to a message channel are, you can tune in to message channels with things like wildcards and can tune what you receive from a message channel by using things like selectors you can also route message based on the content of the actual message itself and in particular in a project. I will talk about in a bit more details later on Apache camel makes that really powerful a really powerful combination maybe actually happen so hears an example of message channels with destination and if you can see in this example here. a bid juicer here is sent to the destination I mean it only about consumer which is attached to that destination is going to receive message. its not broadcasted out its actually restricted to the destination that particular consumer listening on that’s another important concepts as well with destinations meets those two things point to point and publish/subscribe point to point, though messages get round robin de round the consumers so not every consumer gets the same message, it gets evenly distributed with some caveats to each consumer which is available to consume it and inactive in queue it doesn’t just do round robin it also looks a reload a particular consumers under before distributing out how that message that’s completely different to topics and a topic all the consumers listing on that particular topic will get the exact same copy of that message so lets take that down on now and talk about selector so this is an example of a selector and once one selector of for particularly consumers looking out for blue messages for you messages and as you can see they are both listened to the same destination but because they have got that final of control they can select messages based on properties in a message header so even talked about I am turning into message concepts on something you can do is to actually tune in to destination types and Apache ActiveMQ job support wildcard hierarchies this is quite a common concept for messaging products.

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