Ant Executing Java Code

Ant Executing Java Code Introduction

Apache POI is an popular API that allows programmers to create, modify, & to display MS Office files using the  Java programs. It is an open source library developed & distributed by the Apache Software Foundation to design or to  modify Microsoft Office files using java programs

Ant Executing Java Code Job Support

Ant was created by James Duncan Davidson, the original author of Tomcat. · It was originally used to build Tomcat, and was bundled as a part of Tomcat distribution. · Ant was born out of the problems and complexities associated with the Apache Make tool. ·

Ant was promoted as an independent project in Apache in the year 2000. The latest version of Apache Ant as on May 2014 is 1.9.4. · NAnt is a .NET build tool that is similar to Ant, but is used to build .NET apps.Ant is the most complete Java build and deployment tool available. · Ant is platform neutral and can handle platform-specific properties such as file separators.

  • Introduction Apache ANT
  • Ant can be used to perform platform-specific tasks such as modifying the modified time of a file using ‘touch’ command.
  • Ant scripts are written using plain XML. If you are already familiar with XML, you can learn ANTpretty quickly.
  • Ant is good at automating complicated repetitive tasks.  
  • Ant comes with a big list of predefined tasks.
  • Ant provides an interface to develop custom tasks.

Ant can be easily invoked from the command line and it can integrate with free and commercial IDEs..

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