Performance Tuning

Overview on Performance Tuning Job Support:

Performance tuning is an improvement of the system performance. This is typically called as computer systems. The motivation for that type of activity is called a performance problem, which can be real or can be anticipated.

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Performance tuning is primarily a matter of resource management & correct system-parameter setting. It cannot be performed optimally after a system is put into production. To achieve performance targets of response time, throughput & constraints you must tune application analysis, design & implementation.

A performance problem may be identified by slow / unresponsive systems. This usually occurs because high system loading, causing some part of the system to reach a limit in its ability to respond. This limit within the system is referred to as a bottleneck. A handful of techniques are used to improve performance. Among them are code optimization, load balancing, caching strategy, distributed computing & self-tuning.

Most systems will respond to increased load with some degree of decreasing performance. A system’s ability to accept higher load is called scalability & modifying a system to handle a higher load is synonymous to performance tuning.The performance bottlenecks are identified during load testing & performance testing, these issues are commonly rectified through a process of performance tuning. Performance tuning can involve configuration changes to hardware, software & network components.

A common bottleneck is the configuration of the application & database servers. Performance tuning can also include tuning SQL queries & tuning an applications underlying code to cater for concurrency & to improve efficiency. Performance tuning can result in hardware changes being made. tuning changes will result in a reduction of resource utilization.

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